Air Quality Solution:

Royal Technovision is a pioneer in providing indoor air quality solutions to its customers. We provide customized solutions to your air quality concerns by inspecting, studying and analyzing the environment and recommending the right solution to achieve desired results. Our range of products is designed to address unique situations of our clients. We provide industry leading service quality. Our products include Eagle 1200, Eagle 800 and Eagle 400 for smoke removal & Eagle Plasma for removal of bacteria and viruses to sterilize the environment. For technical details click here.

Power Quality Solution:

In recent years a lot of awareness has been generated in the field of Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtration, Various Power Quality issues leading to operational problems and Energy management to deal with low energy efficiency which are encountered by majority of industrial and commercial installation. These issues if not addressed in time will lead to recurrent losses and breakdowns in network. Royal Technovision seeks to provide complete Power Quality Solution by providing suitable study, monitoring equipments and solutions.

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