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EAGLE FILTERS specializes in providing clean air for your everyday life. It has a new range of air filters especially designed for industrial application and smoking areas – HVAC "Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning", Gas Turbines and dust removal. These products have successfully combined very high mechanical stability, excellent filtration and aerodynamic capabilities. All Eagle Filter products are designed to meet international standards including EN 779 and are in complaisant with EU safety environment regulations.

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EAGLE PLASMA AIR PURIFIERS uses science to create purified air and clean indoor environment. Eagle Plasma Air Purifiers products revolutionize hygiene management and allow the Hospitality Industries, Medical Centers, Households, Business Chambers and everyone around us to be more comfortable, healthier and safer by purifying air and cleansing the indoor environment with Eagle Plasma Air Purifiers technology. Using the power of super charged oxygen plasma, We have produced the finest air purification products available.